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Setting access rights, graded approval, employee self service, leave regulation settings, overtime, payroll, pph21, bpjs, you can apply on devosa hr.

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Multi Company

Ease of managing more than one company in one system and one database.

Employee Self Service

Every employee feels the user experience of HR services.

Organizational Tree

Create an organizational structure in accordance with what is currently in Devosa HR.

Employee Resume

You can easily view and print employee resumes.

Career History

All employee data will be stored, from employee status, mutation, promotion, and termination.

Employee Contract

Manage your PKWT employees easily, with the notifications and employee reports you need.

Generate Contract Document

Print employee contract documents easily, according to your company format.

Employee Promotion

Manage employee promotions easily, which are stored in employee history.

Employee Mutation

Manage your employee mutation, move to branches, divisions, departments easily.

Leave Regulation

Ease of implementing your company leave regulation into Devosa HR.

Overtime Regulation

Apply existing overtime regulations to Devosa HR

Extra Off

Manage employee work hours with the Extra OFF system, with specific day changes.

Work Schedule

Determine the type of shift and the ease of applying the shift patterns that have been determined easily and quickly.

Online Attendance

Your employees can check in and check out online, and monitor employee working hours so it's easy.


Manage employee permits in real time, and can be approved quickly.

Flexible Payroll Component

You can apply the company's payroll component to Devosa HR flexibly

Grouping Salary and Privilege

Separate groups of employees according to certain positions and rights based on salary groups.


Managing employee loans that are integrated with payroll makes it easy to manage employee loans.

Irregular Income

Calculation of THR, Bonus, Incentives and other irregular income in Devosa HR.


Automatic pph21 calculation and ease in generating tax reports.

E-SPT Report

Devosa HR automatically generates annual ESPT and ESPT tax reports integrated with the ESPT system.

Service Charge

Easily calculate your company's service charge on Devosa HR.

Graphical Report

Graphical report is very helpful for you in analyzing employee data, overtime, and even employee salary

Bank Transfer

Ease of generating bank transfer documents in accordance with the bank format.


Calculate BPJS automatically and generate reports according to the BPJS format.


Devosa HR can be integrated with the attendance machine, active directory (AD), and other applications as needed

Secure Payslip

Secure salary for employee salary slip with access rights and password.

Medical Reimburse

Manage medical quota, claim treatment online and automatically according to employee quota.

Business Trip

Employee official travel can be monitoring and adjust the benefits or employee official travel allowances


Devosa HR allows for customization of the features of the application you are using.

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